A Quiet Place

VR Experience



Well Played Studios was hired by Paramount to create a full body VR experience to promote the film A Quiet Place Part II. The experience placed fans, members of the press, and more into the world of A Quiet Place (AQP). In order to make the experience as realistic as possible, we worked with the films producers, at Platinum Dunes, Paramount’s marketing team, including the president of the entire division, and ILM. The experience ran as a key attraction of the A Quiet Place 2 pop up for a week in NYC and was designed to run in multiple cities before the film’s release was postponed due to Covid19.


  • Collaborate with HTC Vive to create a wireless, roomscale, full body tracking experience to make the user feel like they have to walk quietly in the world. (Includes wireless adaptor and vive trackers for feet) 

  • Build a management system to acquire the highest throughput possible, given the small space and limited resources available 

  • Create a realistic world by using the CG visuals from the Mov


Collaborated with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) to import the film's creature into Virtual Reality


Full body tracking that had the users fully immersed in the realistic virtual world.


Showcasing to over 1000 fans in New York City we were a stop in the press junket showing the experience to the movie’s star talent, and over 50 press members from around the globe. 


Engagement and excitement for the users in line, watching the current user being immersed and inevitably scared from the experience.

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